Guy fights women at Disney and it's absolutely bananas

Some guy is fighting women at Disney and it's absolutely bananas. He's dropping haymakers and they're about to drop their wigs. Imagine going to the place of family fun only for it to turn into a battle royal! This was probably more fun to watch than standing in line for three hours for some generic overpriced ride you can find at a carnival.


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anton 1 week ago

Where I come from, we call that kind of behavior "Chimping Out".

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

and nobody care about kids trauma,the guy in the red obviously is a savage, his girlfriend all the time was defending him but his big fat momma felt by herself on the ground just to cause dramma and the sister of the red tshirt guy told him that his girlfriend hit his momma (obviously not, shes jealous of her) and of course the gorilla in the red tshirt started to hit his girlfriend too! that girl was crying and fear a lot! probably an abuser! well its obvious!

idiots 1 month ago


Fetid01 1 month ago

Welcome to the happiest place on earth....
Disney hated the wrong people.....

Wally 1 month ago

Guy in the red shirt should be charged with assault.

edX 1 month ago

I think when a guy sang, 'you're once, twice, three times a lady', he wasn't thinking of that Up-up-and-away-Sized woman suffocating her denim jeans with her butt.

Or is she one of the attractions, like Epcot Theme Park perhaps?

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