Karen harasses skater AT SKATEPARK, falls flat on her face

Some lady that people called a KAREN was harassing a guy who was skating AT A SKATEPARK and she lunged at him and fell flat on her face. The skater then took her phone and threw it. She literally charged after him and at bit the dust on the way, causing people like me to laugh hysterically out loud. Why is she there? Did that guy do something to her? He's skating at the one place he's allowed to skate, so what's the big deal? Was there a prior issue that took place and caused her to hunt him down and go after him? Well, that remains unclear, but it sure was funny to see her hit the concrete.


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Anonymous 1 week ago

A frustrated obese woman with woke problems.....there are not enough asylums for all of them.

Htos1av 1 week ago

Love it!!! My boy is on the skate park, following the law and everything. Karen JUST found out that actions have consequences.

Mark 1 week ago

A little more context is needed. For all we know the skater twits might've started something and didn't like being called on it.

Driveby 1 week ago

Looks like a hippo.
Walks like a hippo.
But she's still fine,
'cause I got blubber on my mind.
Apologies to Elvis.

Jane Karen Mariano 1 week ago

Got what she deserves

waahboohoo 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately they could get him for destruction of property for stomping the phone, unless he can prove she meant to slap him with it and he was 'disarming the weapon'

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