Teacher caught touching female student, seems quite inappropriate

Here's a video that shows a male teacher rubbing a female student on the back and very close to her backside. It seems very inappropriate for a teacher to be doing this to a student no matter if it's a boy or girl. It's not quite clear where this took place, but obviously another student or person in the room thought it was smart to record it and upload the video to the Internet for everyone to see. It seems like the teacher's face is blurred out and we can't identify the student - which is good because no one should put her face on the video anyway. However, this video has parents upset and checking on their kids. Keep your hands off our students, you darn creeps!


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Professor 22 hours ago

So its alright if a female teacher has sex with her students, if caught no PRISON TIME, but a male teacher cant even console an obviously distraught student?.....

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