Grandma shows up when school brawl gets out of hand

Someone's grandma had to intervene when a school brawl got way out of hand. She's probably a teacher or a lunch aid or office staffer who needs to retire, but can't because they probably feel like they need to be at school making sure everyone acts civilized. What a darn mess that she had to put herself in that position. She should have said NOPE!


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rperkins 1 week ago


Mark 2 weeks ago

The problem at it again.

Mike 2 weeks ago

Those darned racist white kids at it again

Vetmike 2 weeks ago

And the little sh-ts will be back in class in two days.

Wantnot 2 weeks ago

Looks like a National Geographic episode I seen decades ago. It was about a large group of Chimpanzees and how their society worked. Much of it looked like this. The main difference is these wear clothing.

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