If you need a family, you can come hang out with me: says the man in makeup

Here's a guy who seems genuinely nice, but creepy at the same time because he's wearing more makeup than a stripper. He says that if people need a family, then they can go hang out with him, but I think he might be the one who needs a family. I don't think men should be wearing makeup and it maybe he's not a creeper at all, but when you're putting up videos like this with all that stuff on his eyes and telling people to come hang out, then it might send off some odd vibes to people. You really never know who people are, but if they give the wrong vibes, then just be careful who you hang out with. This is another find by Libs of TikTok.

In a completely unrelated story, we saw a gay couple abuse and pimp out their adopted sons in a terrifying story that sent shock-waves across social media. Those guys are looking at multiple life sentences and currently having a hard time in prison. Child molesters usually get handed some sort of prison justice because people in jail don't like anyone who hurts defenseless children. And do you blame them?


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Kenny Monoxide 1 week ago

This video is quite telling. He's a lonely little freak begging for approval... which he's unlikely to find.

Bart 1 week ago

I'd be happy to visit you to alter your face.

Vetmike 2 weeks ago

Jeez, dude. If you are gonna wear make-up, get someone to teach you how to do it right.

Whiskey1Bravo 2 weeks ago

Effgross. This low life is outright inviting people with mental problems to come to live with him. So he can further brainwash and abuse them. Is he talking about kids? Then he is a sicko pedophile who right out in the open trying to have kids contact him. This should be sent to law enforcement so they can check this person out asap. Before any thing bad happen.
To the freak in the video. Men who are homosexual with other likewise men living together is not a family. Even doing so with children you should not be allow to have is not a family.

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