Biden has no regrets, definitely takes classified documents seriously: KJP

White House press secretary KJP says Joe Biden's comments about having "no regrets" is one way of signaling that he takes classified documents very seriously, even if they were found in a garage by his car. Biden has been on the hot seat as classified documents have been discovered, sparking an investigation and Merrick Garland appointing Mr. Hur, attorney, to look into things. It's unclear if anything will happen or Biden faces any consequences, but Democrat leaders keep suggesting that Biden gets a pass while some of the same people were very explosive when Trump had a similar situation. Some of the same people wanted Trump locked up over this, but they're going soft on Biden. Why is that? I don't know about you guys, but I'm not trusting a single thing this talking toilet brush has to say.


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Mullet_Over 2 weeks ago

See you next Tuesday

Lgbfjb 2 weeks ago

Stfu ya muppet.

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