Video of man jumping into back seat of cop car raises suspicions

Here's a video showing a man run up to a cop car and jump into the backseat, then jump out the other window on the other side. Then the guy runs away and the cop car begins chasing him. Now here's where we get suspicious. That looks like a cop car, but it also just looks like a cop car meaning it is probably NOT a real cop car. I think this video is totally fake because why would the guy cut the video off? It's like they rented a white car and got some horns or lights at Spencers! and then staged the whole thing. You know, that guy would probably get arrested for doing this, so is it worth it? Doubt it. There's so many fake pranks on YouTube and TikTok because people just want to get LIKES instead of the adrenaline from actually doing a real stunt. This generation doesn't have what it takes!


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