Waffle House employee reminds people of John Wick after incident sparks debate on security

A very wild incident took place at a Waffle House that made people cry out for more security, but it really showed one woman's ability to block flying chairs thrown at her by disgruntled customers. This is just another one of those customer is NOT always right incidents and these ladies were going wild and one of them was throwing chairs at an employee near the end of the video, but the employee looked like she was the modern day John Wick blocking the chair with one hand and tossing it to the side like it was nothing. Has she done this before? Anyway, people seem to want more security in Waffle House because it seems to be a hotbed for bad behavior.


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A. Landmesser 4 weeks ago

Why is it the tree dwellers always seek to demonstrate their social habits in public? Why is it that they always seem more appropriate for bellview.

Ray 4 weeks ago


Bill 1 month ago

Is this in Africa?

JBnID 1 month ago

Stop welfare for the able-bodied. That'll make them mad enough to start a war that we will win and maybe then we can live in peace.

Igor 1 month ago

IT'S WAFFLE HOUSE, for Pete's sake!

What do you expect, "Fine Dining"??

Tyrone JizzDonor 1 month ago

Did they run out of fatback & chitlins?

Anonymous 1 month ago

Knew before I c

Always Them 1 month ago

2 or more of that population and one knows to leave asap. Its always the same group, acting like simians just out of the trees.

Professor 1 month ago


MR. Hipster 1 month ago

Avoid the groid.

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