Are you in the After School Satan Club?

Apparently there's a trend around America called "After School Satan Club" which in and of itself is insane. The devil is real and he's coming for your kids.


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TrumpsWrinkledScrotum 1 month ago

No point explaining that to the Trumpsters, they're too dumb to get the joke.

Speghetti Monster Is Real 1 month ago

Love it! Now the xtians know how it feels when they push/force their man-made beliefs onto others. Would like to see this expand across the world. Next, the Muslims call for prayer 5 times a day for all along with their belief eccentricities.

JP 2 months ago

It is a joke to poke fun at all the crazy religious people. The folks who understand satanism look at all organized religion as nutty and irrational. Satanism is about secular humanism and the celebration of freedom and free-thinking. Getting irrational people worked up and having that conversation is the point.

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