Sad 9/11 video

Just a reminder how crazy and sad this was.


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edX 1 month ago

What was crazier and sad were americans murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children through medical embargoes for a period of 10 years. This 9/11 thing was a non-event by comparison, and if done by 'terrorists', it was a mild retaliation.

You americans did far worse to others when they did so little to you, so if this was done by 'terrorists', then it was a mild reaction to the greater evil that americans have done, are doing, and probably will keep doing. You're all just white supremacist c*nts who think you have a greater right to life. When i saw this live on the telly, all i did was laugh.

Marty 3 months ago

Tiktok is a cancer

Mike 1 year ago

what is the sad part

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