Democrat Patty Murray virtue signals, gets mocked for posting this video

Democrat Senator Patty Murray posted this video on her Twitter account with the caption: "Equal pay for equal work—that's how it should be. It's time to pass my #PaycheckFairness Act and help make that a reality. #EqualPayDay" and she was mocked right after in her comment section.

Here are some of the comments Patty received after posting this video:

Im a woman and ive never been paid less than a man for doing the same job. I have been paid more tho. Im a workaholic. What you put in you get out.

exactly. if you're counting nuggets at fastfood places, you make $7.25. If you're a teacher, lawyer, doctor or someone who contributes more to society, then you get a lot more. That's how it should be.

And yet ANOTHER random garbage Democrat socialist pops up on our timelines. Can’t find the hide button fast enough…

Every greedy capitalist in America would only employ women to save a buck. You’re a joke and so is the woman you employed to write this tweet.

It's already that way Patty. Like a typical Democrat you are trying to divide us with lies.

This is really lame and tiresome. There are already equal pay laws - putting more asinine laws on the books does nothing. Men and women have equal pay already

Wait wait wait …. I don’t get it. Just a couple months ago we couldn’t define a woman… So why does somebody without a vagina want to know if somebody with a vagina that they didn’t know had a vagina needs a vagina to get equal pay?

Proof it's a lie: no greedy corporation hires all women despite hypothetically being able to pocket the difference they were arbitrarily paying men for "no reason whatsoever."

Easy sound bite. Are you saying you want equal pay for women in the workforce vrs men? Define woman. Define man. Define equal work. All Centers on NBA teams get same pay? All violinists in orchestra get same pay? They all perform at same equal work? What about performance level?

If you don’t understand what the expression “equal work” or the word “average” means there’s no way you should sit in the senate for 30 years suckling at the taxpayer teat.

Which companies are paying women less than men? What about the other 73 genders? What is their pay gap compared to women?

I love how politicians pretend to try to pass bills when they know they don’t have the majority to win but when they have the majority they don’t even try. Another version of virtue signaling.


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