St. Louis man shot in head after fight at nearby gas station, suspect arrested: police report

A man was shot in the head, execution style, in broad daylight in St. Louis this week and the suspect has been apprehended by police. The investigative reports suggest this incident took place after fight that erupted at a nearby gas station. It spilled over to the next block and the suspect shot the victim in the head. The victim has been unidentified and may be a homeless man. People still aren't sure yet. The suspect ran from the scene of the shooting, but was identified and picked up at some point.

KSDK local news reported:
ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the fatal shooting of a man Monday morning in downtown St. Louis. Police said shortly before 10 a.m., officers received a call for help regarding a shooting in the 700 block of North Tucker Boulevard. There, they found a man in his 40s who had been shot in the head. He was pronounced dead.A preliminary investigation found that the man was involved in a fight with another man at a nearby Shell gas station shortly before to the shooting. The suspect, who police described as a 23-year-old, ran from the scene.At about 2:30 p.m. Monday, a patrol officer saw the suspect in the area and notified district police, who responded and watched as the man entered the St. Louis Public Library on Olive Street. He was taken into custody, and a gun and shell casings were found on him.St. Louis police's homicide division was requested to handle the shooting investigation. No other information was provided about the victim or the shooting as of Tuesday.


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Navyguy62 3 weeks ago

Why would you just watch someone load a gun behind someone and not do something????

FJB 3 weeks ago

Agreed ! Black lives don’t matter ! Never have never will !

Typical Victim Class Card 3 weeks ago

Its just a black thing, whites are so racist [satire]

stpaulchuck 3 weeks ago

joggers gotta jog

Anonymous 3 weeks ago


Jack 3 weeks ago

Well, you know, 13% just doing what they do best

LibertyDankmeme 3 weeks ago

so diversity isn't our strength? who saw that coming ...

Steve 3 weeks ago

Police cause this. Simple: who actively uses guns to disarm society so good people can't stop armed people who break laws? Yes, police.
Otherwise, instead of videoing this thug, HE could have stopped the thug. Police cause LOTS of problems.

Cop suckers disagree.

Kevin 3 weeks ago

Who was recording?

Rastus 3 weeks ago

he dindunuffin,,,

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