I have an outtie: Transperson describes their TUCK JOB

If we had to see it, then so do you.

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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Bart 3 weeks ago

Beat the crap out of this schmuck.

MindBoggler 4 weeks ago

Mr. Tuck makes the same expressions his single, self righteous mom made when she lectured him on how to be a good boy growing up.

Dindu 1 month ago

It's that Spenny from Kenny vs spenny?

Kill it with fire.

Joffray 1 month ago

Tuck that!

Lazarus 1 year ago

Still just a fugly dude.

Coolkid 1 year ago

Completely Normal today

Anonymous 1 year ago

wtf tuck

whiteman 1 year ago

white people love trans

Pat 1 year ago

What a nut job. How about you tuck your head into your rectum and the world will be a much better place.

Typhus 1 year ago

Transgenderism is a mental illness. If you're born with a dick, you are a male. If you're born with a uterus and vagina, you are a woman. It has always been like that, and hopefully remain that way.

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