"Stick it Up Your A**": Dan Bongino paints face in Chiefs colors, flips off cancel culture

6 months ago
Outspoken Dan Bongino sticks up for the kid that a leftwing Carron tried shaming. This guy at Deadspin was trying to shame a little kid who had his face painted for the Kansas City Chiefs game and tons of people are calling that guy out - and rightfully so, because it was a totally scumbag move to target a little kid who's actually part Native American. Go figure.

Bongino painted his face in support and told cancel culture to stick it up their ass, then flipped then two middle fingers for emphasis. Boom.

Bongino said... “So folks sometimes you just gotta give the double-barrel middle finger and tell cancel culture portions of liberal leftist socialist communist America: You can take cancel culture, in a nice ball, you can roll it up just like this, big or small I don’t really care, you can take it and you can stick it right up your ass... So this little paint job we did on my face today…this is dedicated to the Carron’s of the world … I’m not taking the cancel culture bullsh*t anymore."