Arlington House Explosion caught on video, here's what happened

6 months ago
A huge house explosion happened in Arlington and people have a lot of questions about the suspect and the facts and details behind what happened. It's unclear at the time this video was posted, so keep yourself updated via Google search and find the most up-to-date info.

ARLNOW reported:
A large explosion, heard throughout Arlington, has rocked the Bluemont neighborhood after a police standoff.A duplex, where a suspect was involved in an ongoing incident with police, exploded in a massive fireball as police, including a SWAT armored vehicle, moved in. It followed the suspect repeatedly firing a flare gun over nearby Fields Park.Residents in the area were being instructed to shelter in place, while others were evacuated by police.Arlington County police said the person inside the house fired shots as officers tried to enter the home, just before the explosion. A video shows the explosion (the video contains strong language and disturbing imagery.)