20-year-old Mom knocks out Kroger clerk in front of 1-year-old

6 months ago
OH DAMN!!!! A 20-year-old mom knocked out a Kroger employee during an incident caught on video. The mom did this while she had her 1-year-old daughter too! She sure ain't setting a good example! Fox2Detroit reported on this, saying the following in a news article:

At the self check-out of a St. Clair Shores Kroger, Shelby Parham walked up to the clerk, a 49-year-old woman, and hit her in the face – knocking her flat on the ground, rendering her unconscious, and resulting in a head injury. Some words were exchanged before the incident. Parham's Bridge card allegedly did not have enough money to cover what she had rung up. She asked for assistance in deducting some items, but the clerk could not help at that moment.

"The employee walked away from her. …The defendant was upset and followed her and struck her in the face," said St. Clair Shores Police Detective Gordon Carrier. "The victim did lose consciousness for a bit, and was transported to the hospital for treatment of head injury."

Parham's one-year-old daughter was seated in the shopping cart as the assault unfolded.

Police arrived at the Kroger on 9 Mile and Harper Avenue within minutes and took Parham's into custody.

Parham is facing "a misdemeanor charge. However, it is an enhanced charge of aggravated assault," Carrier said. "It's obviously very clear-cut. There's no questions as to who's at fault here."