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The owner of a stolen truck found his truck and got into a gunfight with the thieves, shooting and killing the thief in the process, as stated on The American Tribune. The report about the guy tracking down his stolen truck and killing the car thief also had words from the police chief, as seen below:

Commenting on the incident later, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said that the bad guy was deceased thanks to the gunfire of the truck’s owner, saying, “The bad guy is the one dead, yes. The driver of the stolen vehicle is deceased, shot by the owner of the stolen vehicle.”
Continuing, Chief McManus encouraged people to let the police handle matters such as this one in the future, as now two people are wounded, and one is dead, but added that the owner of the stolen vehicle was doing what he thought he needed to in order to retrieve his stolen vehicle.
Chief McManus said, “We would prefer that (you) call the police before taking that into your own hands. But he (the truck’s owner) did what he felt he needed to do, and we have one dead suspect, and we have a critically wounded passenger who was with the suspect, and we have a wounded owner of the vehicle.”


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