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Guess which team paid $160 million for a QB and lost 40-0!!

Imagine signing a quarterback to a $160 million contract and he gets DESTROYED on opening day to a division rival. Well, that would be The NY Giants very own Daniel Jones who got zeroed by the Dallas Cowboys in a totally embarrassing loss for the Giants. Jones' contract was mocked all over social media after the very sad blowout, which is totally normal with sports fans from other NFC East teams. I'm an Eagles fan and we almost lost to the sad Patriots and their defense, but the Birds squeaked out of there with a road win by shear luck.

Bleacher Report weighed in on the Daniel Jones contract mockery and the Giants being blown out 40-0:

Sunday night was Daniel Jones' opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong.
Instead, the question marks surrounding the New York Giants quarterback is bigger than ever following the team's blowout 40-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football at MetLife Stadium.


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