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Bungie went from being the best to being greedy, lazy, and boring

Bungie made Halo years ago and PVP players turned Bungie into one of the biggest and best companies out there. Then Bungie ditched Halo, gave it to 343, and 343 completely ruined Halo because 343 sucks at making video games. Good graphics, but everything else 343 does totally sucks.

Now Bungie runs the Destiny games and Destiny 1 was epic, totally fun, people loved it. Destiny 2 rolls around it had great graphics, wonderful soundtrack, and it had potential, but it turned into a cosmetic and microtransaction dumpster fire. Destiny 2 is literally the WORST OF THE WORST.

Cosmetics don't matter in video games. It's the biggest SCAM and waste of time. Oh, you wanna change your look in the game and it has NO IMPACT on gameplay, pay for it. WASTE MONEY ON USELESS COSMETICS!

You want new PVP maps for Crucible, something that's actually useful. No chance. Nope. Not happening. Instead, you have dumb game modes like Team Scorched and those cannons SUCK. You have Light Levels removed from Iron Banner, which totally removes the purpose of Iron Banner to begin with. It was supposed to be the best of the best in 6v6, but now it's just normal Crucible with worse gametypes, aka fortress.

Add a bad user interface to the homescreen and you've got the nightmare called Destiny 2. Like... why the hell does it take FOUR controller motions to get to the TOWER? We've been going to the Tower for almost ten years and we still don't have a quick travel button to it? Are the devs retarded? It's like a GPS with a Home Button. Make it happen and stop being lazy?

This makes me think this new batch of developers NEVER plays their own fucking game because if they did, they'd fix most of the things they too find to be a boring mess grubbing money off players and feel ignored in PVP.

Bungie should go back to the basics of Halo. EPIC campaign and then focus on kickass PVP for the next year. Then each year release an awesome campaign that can be played with 6-12 people. Make it super long, like a bunch of raids or strikes combined. You'll have all year to tweak it, so make it happen.

And on crucible, why can't we get capture the flag? Why can't we get control and clash in rotation ALL the time? Why the fuck are they taken OUT of rotation when they're clearly what we play most? I ain't kidding, the Bungie devs are freaking idiots.

Also, they killed Cayde and gave us Nimbus, the worst character ever made in gaming. WTF Bungie? WAKE UP AND STOP SUCKING.


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