Woman opens emergency exit on plane for ‘fresh air’ and learns tough lesson right after

It’s perfectly normal to feel uneasy during a long flight, right? Who doesn’t need some fresh air, right? How exactly does a person get to breathe in fresh, unpolluted air in China? It’s simple! You get on a plane, wait until it’s up in the air, way higher than the pollution cloud, and open a window. Perfectly normal, right?

That’s exactly what one Chinese woman did during her flight. Well, it wasn’t a window, and the plane was on the ground! It was an emergency exit! Of course, she was arrested later.

This is exactly how it happened.

In the Hubei region of central China, a woman who opened the emergency exit to get “a breath of fresh air” before the flight took off was detained by authorities, and thanks to her mistake – the flight was delayed for an hour, according to mainland media.

On September 23, at 3:45 p.m., Xiamen Air airplane MF8215, on its trip from Wuhan to Lanzhou, was due to depart when the incident occurred, according to Btime Video.

The woman, who appeared to be in her fifties, had been warned by the cabin crew not to touch the button that unlocked the emergency exit and instructed about the rules when seated next to it.

The stewardess went around to assist others, but the passenger claimed she needed some fresh air and pressed the exit button, according to the report.

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Doing something like this in an airplane is considered a violation of public order and is punishable by a fine and police detention.

A similar incident occurred last year when a woman mistook the emergency door for a restroom door. It occurred prior to the plane’s takeoff. The emergency slide deployed, causing the flight to be delayed for two hours. The woman was detained for ten days.

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It takes days and lots of money to restore the emergency slide, and some passengers have paid hefty penalties for releasing it. A guy who opened an emergency exit door after a jet touched down in Chongqing in January 2015 had to pay the airline 35,000 yuan (approximately 150,000 baht) in compensation.

On a Thai Lion Air flight from Bangkok to Hubei in June, a man from Hubei opened an emergency exit just before takeoff. Witnesses said that after making numerous apologies, he was jailed by Thai authorities for one day and fined 500 baht before the deportation.


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