Go WOKE, go BROKE! Diversity-based music fest canceled abruptly, fans demand refunds

A music festival focused on diversity fell apart and shows exactly what it would look like if ‘woke’ people ran the country.The show is called LetsGetFr.ee and they had some star-studded lineup made up OF and FOR people of color who wanted to be in one of the most diverse places in the country, trying to create a “purpose-driven music experience” and “Conscious Carnaval” with a mission to “close the equity gap” and create a “diversified workforce across all levels in the industry by 2030.”

However, that is just about the stupidest thing you could imagine because it’s a music festival and people go there FOR THE MUSIC. But of course, if you’re woke, then you’re a joke, and likely will end up broke. And that’s exactly what might happen to the people who organized this disaster because the organizers abruptly canceled it.

They literally canceled themselves and now people who bought tickets are furious and want refunds. The event’s Instagram page has been flooded with comments from angry music fans who wanted a good show and are now left holding tickets to a canceled event that they paid to see. It’s reminding people of the FYRE FEST that Netflix did a special on, but even FYRE didn’t cancel their event – it was just terrible and the guy who organized it ended up in jail.

One angry fan, a 23-year-old server named Unique Norton, was planning to sit on a train all day just to get to the woke music festival, but now they’re angry, as The Daily Beast reported: “We were literally gonna sit in a train all day to go to New York for this festival and they canceled it,” Norton says. “We already put in for the refunds. That was a one-and-done situation. The way they handled it was so unprofessional.”

The woke music festival posted this message on their Instagram page:

Today is a sad day for LETSGETFR.EE and the incredible community that has embraced us. We are devastated to inform you that the Conscious Carnaval scheduled for August 20-21 must be postponed until August 2023.

The reason is complex, yet simple: The combination of the shifting dynamics of our industry, the inflation we’re all feeling and new safety regulations that were recently put in place would have forced us to greatly alter your experience to a smaller, watered-down, inauthentic version. And that simply wouldn’t be doing right by the vision, the ambition, our partners and most importantly, YOU.

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LETSGETFR.EE was created to do something very different, a first-of-its-kind for the industry, for Queens and for the many vibrant, beautiful communities within and around us. And that’s exactly what we will do.

In August 2023 we will light up Queens together. We will sing a little louder, dance a little harder and come together to create a future where we are all truly FREE.

Our world famous Whiskey shirt is back in stock!

For everyone who has been part of our journey so far, we THANK YOU deeply and sincerely apologize for this news. We send you our gratitude and our love. And we WILL see you next summer.

Pass holders, please check your email for information on refunds.

With love and gratitude,


No one seems to be buying this nonsense that it will be rescheduled for real. One look at the comments on their IG post shows how angry fans are.

This is just more evidence that doing things to be woke and for diversity are pointless, a waste of time, and should never be taken seriously. When you organize a music festival, then FOCUS ON THE MUSIC. Doing things for diversity reasons will never get you the best product on the market. Afterall, look at Kamala Harris! She was picked to be vice president because she’s a Black woman, not because of her credentials, talent, skills, or abilities in politics. People in her own state of California didn’t like her, but Joe Biden wanted a woman of color and he ended up with the woman who suggested he’s a racist during debates.

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