Bill Maher: "China doesn't need a spy balloon, that's what TikTok is for"

Bill Maher roasted the Chinese spy balloon incident by saying that China doesn't really need one because they already have TikTok to spy on everyone! LOL!! Bill Maher said on Twitter: "The Chinese promised they would never use a spy balloon to infiltrate and monitor America. That's what TikTok is for."

China has been accused of using TikTok to collect data and spy on people. TikTok features tons of videos, just like Crankers, but is on a mobile app. There's a lot of people on there who probably shouldn't be, but that's not our job to worry about. We don't really know what data they're collecting and using, but I'm pretty sure most mobile apps out there have some sort of data collection going on to use for advertisers.


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