BLM Thug reaches for police officers gun, gets taken down immediately

This guy was pulled over for doing about 50 in a 25 according to the police officer. The cop told the guy he can just stay in his car, no need to get out or stand up. They asked him several times to just get back in his car and sit down, but he wouldn't listen. Then it escalated and the guy tried reaching for the cop's gun, so that was a really dumb and stupid idea. The cops took him down.


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Fetid01 1 month ago

Thanks to all LEO's involved in keeping society safe for all us good Caucasians

Some one 1 month ago

Pos with no value whatsoever. Typical of his group.

Real Observant 1 month ago

Race illiteracy.

Vetmike 1 month ago

The second he got out of the car, it was obvious he wanted trouble.

elphupphy 1 month ago

Should have shot the MFer.

bob jones 1 month ago

And Blacks wonder why they get shot by police!!?

Peter York 1 month ago

morons think it's up to them whether they obey a policeman's orders or not.

where do these savages come from? oh yeah. democrats.

Bb 1 month ago

This is why black people get shot. White people know not to fight with the police as a whole.

jaxon 1 month ago

can blacks just comply and litigate if you feel wronged? a bag of hammers.

Empty 1 month ago

Disappointing; you don't have to wrestle with a dead suspect

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