Jill Biden kissed Kamala's husband during Joe's SOTU (hand me a barf bag)

Things got really weird when Jill Biden kissed Kamala Harris' husband Doug Emhoff despite the potential angry moment they shared back in April of last year when Jill was wondering why Joe picked Kamala to be his VP despite her attacks against him during the election debates. According to Fox News:
'There are millions of people in the United States,' she began. ‘Why,’ she asked, ‘do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe,'" the authors wrote of a conversation Jill Biden had after she learned Harris became a leading candidate to serve as Biden's running mate.

Several from Biden's inner circle, however, supported Harris on the ticket. Ron Klain, now the White House chief of staff, had been tasked with vetting vice presidential candidates and, according to the book, told Biden early on that Harris was most qualified for the job as she had sought the presidency herself.

"Yes, Harris had attacked Biden more harshly than any other major candidate in the Democratic primaries. Yes, the Biden family had seen it as a smear and a betrayal. In Klain's assessment, that would work to Biden's advantage," the book states. "Choosing Harris will show people that you are magnanimous and forgiving, Klain told Biden. It will show the country just what a unifying leader you can be."


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Mitch 1 month ago

Jill an Roger Goodall look very comfy at the football game the other day. Oh what an afternooner.

Plato v2.0 1 month ago

Must be Jill wanted to taste a little willie I guess.

wayne 1 month ago

not her usual aim

FlirtingWD 1 month ago

Cringy as fuk! Just like Lgbfjb.

Billybob 1 month ago

ménage à trois ?

9-lander 1 month ago

OMG! Tongue!!!
Maybe she was thinking "crackhead" when she whipped out the tongue.

Rob of Mendota 1 month ago

Dr. Jill can't wait to put on her fishnets and cut loose with this guy. I hope the entire nation realizes what a bunch of third rate goofballs have invaded the White House.

Jasonn 1 month ago

On the lips? You just don't know where they've been.

Helix Her 1 month ago

Helix Her

Bullfrog 1 month ago

Well…, sleazebags gonna sleaze. At least the dems never fail to provide disgusting spectacle.

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