Marjorie Taylor Greene may bring 'innocent balloon' to Biden SOTU

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was seen walking with a white balloon that she might bring to President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech tonight. It would be a hilarious moment in history if Marjorie brought the balloon. There was so many good jokes about the Chinese spy balloon hat was found floating over Montana and eventually shot down by the United States military off the coast of South Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote: "It’s just an innocent balloon… #SOTU" on her Twitter account.You really need a good sense of humor to appreciate this, but also remember how the Chinese spy balloon is a sign of Joe Biden's weakness and how China clearly does not respect him, in my opinion.

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Kenny Monoxide 3 weeks ago

Biden is the scapegoat.Just a senile old man ho craps himself. This is all obama. Every last bit of it.

tim 1 month ago

Chinese re coined a phrase Anyone has a price you just have to find it". Sad to say they may have founded it in our government and US Military establishment.

Ratty 1 month ago

Yeah, you go girl, love it. Shove it up Joe Biden's face.

PhuckBiden__hard 1 month ago

Until criminal Biden is hanging from a tree in front of the WH, nobody gives a sh-t. Biden has been the worst treacherous President in US Hx.

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