I'm So Gwad: Old man in diapers identifies as baby girl

Here's a guy who should have probably been put in an insane asylum from the day he was born and never told what the Internet is, that way he could keep his crazy fetishes to himself and not scar the rest of our eyes. My gosh, this dude must be living it up in his Depends. Probably reads the morning news, watches reruns of cartoons, and dreams of being breastfed while shitting his pants on a couch from 1972.

Imagine this is your grandfather? Yeah, too bad he wasn't shipped off to Vietnam and left there.


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edX 1 month ago

Her linguistic skills are very advanced for a 'little sissy baby girl' isn't it.

Nonny 1 month ago

Is he saying sissie girl or p-ssy girl?

FlirtingWD 1 month ago


NYC Rich 1 month ago

Take away his social security, he'll act his age real quick

WFPM 1 month ago

When this fool dies, the grass will refuse to grow on his grave, and the worms will avoid his corpse. May the day come soon.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Obviously you belong in an institution for mentally deficient because you have ostensibly lost your brains somewhere along the way. What morons like you need is a good spanking, but it won't be with a willow branch.

Tross 1 month ago


Lightbody61 1 month ago

He's auditioning for a position in Biden's cabinet.

Bill 1 month ago

The woke crowd would say: "if he claims he is a baby girl, then he is one."

R.G. 1 month ago

Duct tape this baby idiot in high chair, stick a Binkie in his stupid mouth but before doing so give his sorry little arse a real good spanking.

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