Woman thinks we're in all in a supercomputer that connects to our thoughts

Tell us you're a weirdo without telling us you're a weirdo. Are we really in the Matrix? Is this considered infinity? Are we all avatars of a program? I dunno and I don't care!


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edX 1 month ago

Well, it is possible. I first had this thought some years ago when interacting with most people, and found that reason couldn't get through to them. They would get a blank look, and cease to think further. Not normal at all.

On another note. This could also be a psychological reaction to a loss of control over society, one's own life, officials imposing murderous injections on people, etc, which predictably leads to escapism and denial, which can take many forms, including the belief that we are in a 'supercomputer'.

Back when the Roman Empire fell, people reacted similarly, but instead of believing they were in a illusory reality, attempt to reconstruct reality through paganism, witchcraft, etc. It is a frequent thing in white countries where life has been elite-controlled for quite a few thousand years with little to no culture.


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