Parents outraged when only a 'citation' was issued after 9-year-old girl beaten by two boys, one much older

Parents are outraged after a video surfaced showing a 9-year-old girl being beaten by two boys, one of them a lot older, and then only learning that a citation was issued after their daughter suffered a concussion from the incident on a school bus. The parents plan to pursue legal options and other parents are outraged too, asking where this boy's father is and why are BOYS beating on a little girl? How do parents respond when they find out their much older boy did THIS in the video? This all starts at home and there needs to be some serious consequences both to the student AND the parents for sending their out of control student to school acting like this. Both the parents and students need to be held accountable in this incident.

NBC Miami reported on this:
A student was given a civil citation after cellphone video showed a third grader being brutally beaten on a school bus in Miami-Dade. The incident happened Wednesday on a bus from Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead. The footage that was posted on social media showed a group of students arguing before an older boy started beating the 9-year-old girl. A second student is seen joining in on the vicious attack.


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Younumpty 3 weeks ago

Lmao where is there father haha! Not around you stupid people!

Randall Mason 1 month ago

If I was the father of the young girl and only a citation was issued. I would kill the fathers and beat the boys senseless and tie them to a tree in an unknown place where maybe someone would find them!!! Then I would work on the law enforcement individuals that issued the citation. After that I would work on the higher ups at the school.? I was taught an eye gor an eye.

Fetid01 1 month ago

Where's the zoo keeper when you need'em.....

Wally 1 month ago


FlirtingWD 1 month ago

The Time is now.

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