BREAKING: New Jersey Republican Councilwoman killed outside her home

A New Jersey Republican Councilwoman was killed outside of her home while she was sitting in her car.  Police believe this was the result of targeting. Police were still looking for suspects at the time this was posted. People on social media are asking if Kamala Harris give this Black woman the eulogy she deserves or will she downplay it because the woman is a Republican?

ABC 7 NY reported the following:

Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour, from Sayreville, was shot and killed in her car on Wednesday night. Dwumfour, 30, was found inside her car with multiple gunshot wounds on Samuel Circle just before 7:30 p.m., officials said. Police say they believe the Newark native was the intended target of the shooting, but do not have a clear motive. They think her car traveled about 100 feet before slamming into two parked cars. Dwumfour was elected to the council in 2022. The Republican defeated an incumbent Democrat to begin a three-year term on the Borough Council.


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TrumpsGasPrices 1 month ago

At least they have strict gun control laws in NJ. It would have been really bad for her if those laws were not in place.

Plato v2.0 1 month ago

Where were the Clinton's?

Anonymous 1 month ago

Not a Demoncrat, obviously!

Joe Firefly 1 month ago

Your tax dollars hard at work

DB 1 month ago

Former United States Attorney for New Jersey, Chris Christie's righteous indignation blood is boiling. Vengence & Retribution!

Eli 1 month ago

Can we assume Al Sharpton will be there to denounce the violence against women of color?

Anonymous 1 month ago

Democrat terrorism

jht 1 month ago

Seems like it is the Wild West in Jersey with Republicans being the target!

Bernie Finkelstein 1 month ago

Obviously the work of another Democrat terrorist. When can we start the war? USA needs a good house cleaning.

stpaulchuck 1 month ago

NJ politics. Nothing new here. Sorry for her and her family though.

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