Walmart customer service doesn't deserve this crazy behavior

Here's a video showing some lunatic going crazy in Walmart and getting physical. This was posted by an account on Twitter that focuses on exposing the bad behaviors of leftism. If it were up to me, there would be a security guard dragging this guy into an office and sitting him down to explain what the heck his problem is and why he's treating people like that.

Walmart customer service does not deserve this crazy behavior. Those guys are just trying to EARN a paycheck while that crazy dude messes up their whole day with his violent antics and BS. If you're gonna freak out in a store, then stay the heck home. No one needs to deal with your unstable behavior in public.


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Kenny Monoxide 3 weeks ago

Once again, I say "Around Blax, Never Relax."

Politics iz hard 1 month ago

He’s a leftist cuz he is black. And leftizts are like so cringe dud. An know who is is leftizts too? Womn are lestists and they um wan lots of money from hard werkin guys like my pappy n me derrrrr.

Merkel 1 month ago

No one freaks out without a reason ;) tell the whole story...

mary 1 month ago

White privilege there.

Mullet_Over 1 month ago

He seems tolerant.

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