Elon Musk shreds EV Summit and White House to pieces

Elon Musk previously shredded the EV Summit and Joe Biden's failing White House to pieces. Now Musk has recently met with people from the White House and wait until you see these names. Reuters reported an exclusive, saying the following:
Chief Executive Elon Musk met two top White House officials on Friday in Washington to discuss how the car maker and Democratic President Joe Biden could work together to advance electric vehicle production and speed electrification of U.S. vehicle networks. Musk met John Podesta, a Democratic stalwart who serves as Biden's senior adviser for clean energy innovation, and Mitch Landrieu, who oversees infrastructure spending, the White House said. The billionaire and Biden have often been at odds over political and labor issues.
Do you think John Podesta of all people has any good intentions whatsoever? Tesla was selling EV's before they were cool, but it seemed like the White House snubbed Tesla because Elon Musk constantly mocks Joe Biden for being a bumbling failure.


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Fetid01 1 month ago

Every market/stock exchange is rigged!
Wake up America! Wake up World!

Plato v2.0 1 month ago

I think Podesta is a slimeball sleaze bag who sucks on Satan's protrusions, runs cover for criminal democrats and kisses the ring of communism and he has ever since he hooked up with the criminal Clinton family!

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