Very confused person tries explaining Vae, Vem, Vemself pronouns

Here's another video example of why the insane asylums should have stayed open and it was found by Libs of TikTok - as usual. The person in this video is trying to explain some made up pronouns that no one will care about, respect, or should ever have to listen to. While we think these confused young people are the problem, we should look one step further to their obviously failed parents.

One of two things happened. 1) the parents ignored these kids and now they're begging for attention and acceptance from the alphabet group and fake pronouns. Or 2) the parent is a liberal wackadoo themselves who should be locked up in a jail for ruining this kid's life by neglecting them or pushing their liberal agenda on them and brainwashing them so bad that they think this BS is normal or acceptable - because it's not.

Whomever is having these kids and not fixing this issue by putting your foot down as a parent, loving your kids, and showing them the way to a good life - you're the problem. You made these kids, you screwed them up, and you're no where to be found.


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terry 2 weeks ago

vay looks like a pig or vig?

Wantnot 1 month ago

Most of this is caused by higher education turning kids into education groomers who then go on to be teachers and ‘councilors’ who look for the stereotype ‘tomboy’ or out of place ‘frumpy’ white girl and fill her head with BS to explain why they feel ‘out of place’. All but the most confident and well adjusted kids feel out of place during adolescence and especially puberty!!! These groomers are, not only, destroying all of these kids lives, they are degrading the family unit and the country at the same time. This comes straight from the minds of the CCP! All you need to do is research ‘tiktok’, it is a passion weapon of communist china.

bob 1 month ago

Oy Ve

Plato v2.0 1 month ago

Just how incredibly stupid are you? EXACTLY! If you don't mind.

Rfinley 1 month ago

What part of being a (so called) trans isn't made up?

Mullet_Over 1 month ago

She’s Ovease.

Still means fat I just changed the letters.

KrashmanVonStinkputin 1 month ago

Why does this "Science" always end up nothing more than a lesson in grammer?

B Brower 1 month ago


Liberty2020 1 month ago

Mental illness has grown by epic proportions in today's world.

Alydia 1 month ago

Is this a race? To see who is the craziest??

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