Girl gets physical during encounter with Philly police, learns a lesson instantly

Philadelphia Eagles destroyed the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game in Philly. Thousands of people hit the streets to celebrate and most of them were just walking around singing songs, cheering, and drinking - and of course climbing things, because that's what Philly does. Mostly everyone was well-behaved but there was a little scuffle that involved the Philly police and one girl thought she was stunning and brave and literally got physical with a police officer. That's where she messed up.

The officer threw the girl away from them and continued trying to do their job and stop whatever was going on. That girl hit the pavement HARD and I'm pretty sure she won't ever do that again. It's time for parents to teach their children how to respect the law. Do not interfere or intervene with a police situation. Stay away. Don't touch the officers. And mind your business. Even if you think something wrong is going on, it doesn't matter. The moment you lay hands on the law is the moment they will lay hands back on you.

Also, this was NOT in North Philly. Whoever wrote that has no idea where anything is in Philly and we're not crediting them with the video. If they knew anything about Philly, they'd know this ain't North Philly.

Wise up and have some respect.


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Fetid01 1 month ago

Give that ignorant child a copy of this vid to remember her foolishness always.....

RecognizingTruth 1 month ago

Fly, be free, Eagles girl.

R Finley 1 month ago


John Wallace 1 month ago

got what was coming to her.

Ratty 1 month ago

Women shouldn't try to take on a man. Watching too much Hollowood movies. Don't you know it's PHAKE?

Wat Tyler 1 month ago

Looks like Market St.

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