This girl could be a linebacker on a prison football team

Here's a big thick woman from the ghetto who would probably be a decent linebacker on a prison football team. The amount of violence she unleashes on this skinny guy is inhumane. We have no context on what he did or didn't do to trigger her into this violent explosion, but this is one ghetto fight that has people shaking their heads.


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Vetmike 1 month ago

Love hurts

Professor 1 month ago

That ain't no woman....

dapesteshow 1 month ago


Wantnot 2 months ago

Nothing but a form of an African courting ritual. After they finish sometimes the females eat the males.

Every American 2 months ago

Just primitive sh-tskins doing what they do best.

Lgbfjbwykyk 2 months ago

More like a gorilla.

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