Man in a dress offends real women, claims man-made lady-bits are better than the real thing

Here's a man in a dress who falsely claims that a man-made vagina is better than a real one. It's like saying a fake cardboard laptop is better than a real one when we all know that's false. A fake cardboard laptop cannot function like a real laptop, can't do all the cool tricks and neat things a real laptop can do - and neither can a fake vagina. A fake one is no where near the same. If there's a man with fake lady bits, then sadly it's not even remotely the same. It won't and cannot function like a real one, won't look or smell like one either.

This is just another reason why the insane asylums should have stayed open and these nutjob crazy people with delusional mindsets should have been locked away. Keep these weirdos away from the youngsters out there. We don't need the future indoctrinated with this garbage. Just when you think the weirdo community is doing OK, there's always one lunatic who comes out with something so stupid that you want all of them locked up in an asylum. This is the kind of stupidity the world doesn't need. It's also very offensive to women, so these guys need to pipe down and stop trying to steal women's thunder.

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Mullet_Over 1 day ago

No such thing as a man made vag. You got a man made open wound that is gonna stink like hamper sweat and scab over continually.

I bet you go by MAGARepugnican online.

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