Twitter user claims, without evidence, that Horses have been fat phobic ever since they started eating carrots

A Twitter user named 'Dr. Anita B. Etin, PhD' shared a video showing grown men struggle to get a plus-sized woman on a horse, who also looked like he was struggling to carry that much weight on its back. The Twitter user 'Dr. Anita B. Etin, PhD' said "Horses have been fat phobic ever since they started eating carrots" and it sparked quite a debate. However, if you look at her name closely, then you'll see this is some sort of parody or satire account that posts a lot of random things that are geared towards social justice, phobias, -isms, and all the buzzwords that you might see on a real account that fights for equality.

For the fact checkers, we know it's probably impossible to determine if a horse is fat phobic, let alone all horses. We understand this Twitter account is likely being humorous by posting outrageous items, so please don't fact check us over comedy.

It is our guess that 'Dr. Anita B. Etin, PhD' is not a real doctor nor a real activist, but someone having a fun time at the expense of being fat-phobic. When it comes to horses, it's also my guess that people who are half the size of the horse should probably not try to get on the horse. I'm not animal expert, but I can't imagine that's good for the horse's back. Can you carry someone who might be 300+ lbs on your back? If not, then don't expect a small to medium horse to do the same thing. It's one thing to drag an object that size, but to put it on the back must be really dreadful to any animal. PETA would not approve! LOL!!!

You can follow Dr. Anita B. Etin on Twitter.


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Fetid01 1 day ago

You get on all fours, like when you are eating, and let someone bigger than you on your back as you gallop to 7 11 for a Big Gulp slurpy, a dozen candy bars, a burito and see how phobic towards fatties you'll be.....

Citizens 2 weeks ago

Animal Cruelty

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