It's wrong and hurtful to suggest only women can breastfeed: says this person

Here's a guy saying it's wrong and hurtful to say that only women can have babies and breastfeed and then tries to explain his views on it. However, he's wrong. Biological  women are the only people who can have babies and breastfeed. If a transgender man has a baby, that transgender woman is still a biological woman, they're just pretending to be a man.

When we asked AI if a man can have a baby, the response was: "No, a man cannot have a baby as it is biologically impossible for a man to carry and give birth to a child. Only women have the reproductive organs necessary for pregnancy and childbirth. However, a man can be a father and play an important role in the upbringing of a child."

When we asked AI if a man can breastfeed, it said: "While it is theoretically possible for a man to lactate and breastfeed, it is extremely rare in practice. Men do not have the same hormonal and physiological systems in place as women, which are necessary for lactation to occur.

There have been some instances where men have been able to induce lactation through hormone therapy, but this is not a common occurrence and requires a significant amount of medical intervention. In most cases, men are not able to lactate and therefore cannot breastfeed."

So basically, even AI knows these people are losing their marbles over some nonsense. You can thank Libs of TikTok for finding this video and many others. You should follow them on Twitter.


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Anonymous 9 hours ago

Obviously you're an idiot. I sure hope you don't have any children because they'll be just stupid as you are.

edX 3 days ago

This guy is going to give birth soon? Someone tell this guy that taking a sh-t isn't 'giving birth'. I'd like to see him 'chestfeeding' that.

D 2 weeks ago

The scary thing is "They walk among us!"

Enword G. Robbinsome 2 weeks ago

Your emotions are your choice. Words are not "hurtful". There is no such thing as "hate speech" You choose your reaction to outside stimulus. Own it.

Liberty2020 2 weeks ago

A man in a dress is and always will be just a man in a dress. Any man that thinks wearing women's clothing with magically make their life all better has serious mental issues.

ricardo 2 weeks ago

The truth hurts

kitman3 2 weeks ago

why waste space on delusional people like that?

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