Guy swings stick at cop, eats bullets right after

Here's a guy who approaches a police officer with a stick. He's given directions to back down by the officer, but the man does not listen. He walks towards the cop and swings a stick at him. The cop discharges his weapon a whole bunch of times and hits the guy in the center mass. The guy just eats them up with a bizarre look on his face and keeps walking. He then falls down and likely passed away from the injuries. The look on that guys face as he's eating bullets was a huge conversation starter on social media.


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Nonee Yabee 1 week ago

He must have been on something to keep coming after so many shots. Feel sorry for the law officer. Killing someone stays with you.

Roy 1 week ago

Feelin’ the burn

Htos1av 1 week ago

Yep, stuff from the old LiveLeak site.

BOBLDY 2 weeks ago

This is years old

redshadlizard 2 weeks ago

Suicide by cop.

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