Dude picked the wrong guy to mess with

When you're on public transportation and have to sit next to someone, then just be glad you have a seat and you're getting to your location. This guy didn't seem to like the person next to him and decides to stand up and confront the guy. I don't know what transpired right before this video, but this guy surely picked the wrong dude to mess with. The guy sitting down tells the angry guy to sit back down, because he's not interested in the confrontation. The guy standing up didn't listen and got taught a very painful lesson. Look man, he had chances to sit down and didn't listen, so he got sat back down.


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Professor 23 hours ago

Loved the sound of his skull cracking.....

Nonee Yabee 1 week ago

Dude had it coming.

The scissors the Hispanic man 2 weeks ago

The guy pulled kid scissors out of his pocket to stab big man

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