Trans Woman devastated when declined access to ALL Female gym

A transgender woman is extremely devastated to find out he cannot work out in the all-female gym that he signed up for. His name is Brigid Klyne-Simpson and he signed up for a gym thinking he could use the section that is only for women, but he was later informed that he could NOT go in that section but he was entirely welcome to use the co-ed gym for men and women. Political commentator Matt Walsh suggested that there is no person on Earth, including this guy, who believes that he is a woman. After you hear his voice, you'll feel the same way.

Canada Today reported some quotes and other relevant information from the trans woman, aka, man:

“I dropped out of college because I was just intimidated to be in the college gym with a bunch of mostly really muscular guys,” Klyne-Simpson said in an interview with CHEK News. “So finding a women’s gym was something that seemed really exciting, and now that I’m gone I understand why I felt uncomfortable in the other place.”

Bodyworks Fitness is a two-location gym in Parksville. One is mixed and the other is for ladies only.

Klyne-Simpson says she was able to sign up at the ladies-only facility from Bodyworks Fitness, where she was initially greeted by a gym trainer.

“One of the trainers there greeted me and she was very nice and basically she could tell straight away that I’m trans and said I would be welcome there and specifically said I would be safe too and even hugged me,” Klyne – said Simpson.

She said she signed her membership agreement on the spot and returned on Friday and had a “great time” training for more than an hour. But days later something changed.

“Then on Monday I got a call from the same person who basically said, ‘Sorry, we made a mistake, you’re not supposed to be here, but you’re welcome to use the mixed facility,'” Klyne-Simpson recalled.

“I just hung up because I mean, I was extremely devastated, there’s really no other word for it.”

She says she previously trained in co-ed gyms and never felt comfortable because the facilities were mostly male.

“It was important to me to be in a place where I explicitly accept, like, ‘You’re a woman, you’re allowed to be here,'” she said.

Well, Brigid is a biological man pretending to be a woman. Just because he wants to be a woman, doesn't mean he's a woman and doesn't mean actual biological females should be forced to deal with him for it. At what point do REAL WOMEN stop dealing with this stuff?


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Professor 23 hours ago


Dr. Mavis 2 weeks ago

Doesn't matter what you want to pretend to be, but just know it's pretend and the rest of society isn't required to play along with your fantasy. It also doesn't matter what you are inside your head, what matters is what you physically are.

Dr. Davis 2 weeks ago

The real story is that the woman on the phone is a c-nt and if that person identifies as female, there’s nothing wrong with them being there.

damara 2 weeks ago

Who wants this guy perving at you in a womens locker ?

wvcitizen3 2 weeks ago

Probably only way he can see a real naked woman is by playing a trans.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

The REASON that women's gyms exist is because many women are uncomfortable exercising around men, because men have a natural tendency to give them sexual attention in such a situation. Women have EVERY right to that privacy. NO....MEN....ALLOWED!

Carl Dene 2 weeks ago

I'd hit that. is "that" the right pronoun?

libsick 2 weeks ago

Bring back the loonie bins and make this man the first resident.

IshmaelTheGreat 2 weeks ago

Transsexualism is a mental disorder. Obviously.

RD Davis 2 weeks ago

And the dim-0 war on women rolls on!

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