If you don't date a BBW, then you have fatphobia - not a preference

An obese woman posted this video on TikTok talking about how people who are not attracted to, or won't ever date, a fat person or BBW are fatphobic and that it's not simply a preference. AKSHUALLY - it is 100% preference. For me personally, I don't find obese women attractive in any way, shape, or form. I think they don't take care of themselves and they just aren't very good to look at. For example, look at Lizzo. She's repulsive - great singer, but hard to look at. This is not a fear of the obese, it's simply my preference to date women who keep themselves in shape. That's what I like and it's not a phobia. This fat heifer should take a look in the mirror and get her fat self to the gym. Get off TikTok and get on a treadmill, you fat slob.


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Professor 2 days ago

Try dating outside your species. Start with a negro or mexican.....

Professor 2 days ago

Who will stand up and stand with me!? I AM FAT PHOBIC! AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS!

edX 4 days ago

This is how this whole 'phobia' crapola seeks to force the assimilation of all naysayers.

Next, it is going to be, 'if you're a guy and refuse to date a homosexual guy, you're homophobic.'

Roy 1 week ago

BBW’s with a nice retro bush, yummy

Mullet_Over 2 weeks ago

Fat phobic for life, b-tches.

edX 2 weeks ago

Fatphobia is a preference. Just like eatingsh-tphobia and drinkingp-ssphobia and eatinghappymealsphobia is a preference. Fat isn't a race. Trans isn't a race. lgbt isn't a race. It is a choice. I don't like your choices. That is a preference. So put that between two sesame seed buns and go feed your butt.

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