Waitress confronts man, accuses him of grotesque action in public

A waitress or manager at what appears to be a small eatery or diner is confronting a man in public, demanding that he leave because no one wants to wait on him. She accuses him of something grotesque and he puts up an argument, but now people watching the video must decide if he's guilty or not. Do you think he was doing what she said in the video? Or do you think she's saying something that didn't happen. In most cases, I don't think she would be saying these things out loud and in front of others if it wasn't true - mostly because if she's telling a lie, she risks losing her job and probably facing a lawsuit. So what do you think is the truth here?


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edX 2 weeks ago

She is a sick b-tch. She thinks that everyone should be homos and sexually promiscuous and if they don't, they are not welcome to eat there. So you might as well say, no christians and non-sexually depraved people allowed. To accept lgbt is to embrace homosexuality yourself. What next? Incest? Bestiality. She should just shut her sh-tehole and do her job. She didn't even let the guy speak. And looking at underage girls is a crime? Thoughtcrime next? So the next time she looks at an underage guy she can be accused of being a pedophile? She should just go loose some weight and cut down on her happy meals. Sick b-tch.

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