Street fighter challenges kickboxing coach in front of students, here's what happened next

A guy who's rumored to get into a lot of street fights walked into a gym and challenged a much smaller kickboxing coach to a fight right in front of the students. What happened next was probably expected. The trained fighter was able to fend off the wild blows from the much bigger opponent, striking when needed, and eventually the big guy just quits out of nowhere. He didn't have the stamina or skills to hang with a real fighter.


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John 1 day ago

The street fighter probably sustained some really bad injuries whose real effect is not going to be apparent till he lays down in bed and wakes up the next morning. Adrenaline has a habit of doing that.

edX 2 weeks ago

The tall guy is fat. He wouldn't be able to sustain the fight. If he boosts his stamina, he'll be able to take the kickboxer guy easily. At the beginning, you can see the kickboxer guy was going to take a fall soon, but his stamina held out, and the fat guy's stamina didn't. The ending was predictable because of that. If their stamina was equal, the kickboxer would have sucked the dust.

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