San Fran art gallery owner called out for spraying homeless woman

An art gallery owner in San Francisco was called out for how he treated a homeless woman when he sprayed her with a hose and wanted her to get away from the storefront. People on social media said he was treating her badly when he could be helping her. It's unclear what happened before this video footage was recorded, but perhaps the man could have given her a soda and helped her get on her way without spraying her.

San Francisco Chronicle reported:

In an interview Tuesday with The Chronicle, Collier Gwin — the owner of Foster Gwin Gallery on Montgomery Street in the posh Jackson Square neighborhood — acknowledged spraying a homeless woman with water after an encounter in which, he said, she turned over garbage cans outside his gallery and refused to move.

“I said you have to move; I cannot clean the street; move down,” said Gwin, describing the confrontation late Monday morning with a woman he later identified as “Cora.” “She starts screaming belligerent things, spitting, yelling at me…. At that point she was so out of control…. I spray her with the hose and say move, move. I will help you.”

A chef from a nearby bakery documented the confrontation and posted the footage online shortly thereafter. By midafternoon Tuesday, the video had drawn 10.7 million views on Twitter and been shared thousands of times. It shocked and rankled many observers, some of whom described the action depicted as “horrific” and “disgusting.” The owners of Barbarossa Lounge, a business clearly identifiable in the video, released a statement denouncing Gwin’s behavior and deeming it “inhumane.”


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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Don't want to get sprayed by an honest business-owner that's tired of you wrecking their business?!!? Then get a place of your own, where you have a right to be, or go to public housing where you won't bother honest people!

Top H 3 weeks ago

You cannot "help" them. You actually help them by making homelessness as uncomfortable and intolerable as possible. Tough pill to swallow? it shouldn't be. We see what happens when you cater to them; you make it worse. How did anyone expect this to turn out? Common sense dictates you created this.

nice guy 3 weeks ago

this is news only because she is black if it was a white person you wouldn't hear about it

hellodere 3 weeks ago

looks like he was doing his part

Burning Sphincter 3 weeks ago

Go be homeless somewhere else.

Felix 3 weeks ago

He was being nice. He could have done much worse things to her. She was making a mss and being belligerent. Possibly mentally ill.

dan citron 3 weeks ago

You know whats disgusting is the fact that homelessness was allowed to go this far our government gives other country's and illegals billions of our tax dollars but our streets are a restroom for the =homeless shame on All Americans that vote these lying politicians in office

Top M 3 weeks ago

Being poor does not mean you are free to be a nuisance to society. Tossing garbage cans around places of business? Loitering? What else was going on.
There's no effective model for the homelessness we see, and the soft delicate liberal "here's money, a place to stay, free food and clothing" is obviously insufficient.

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