Woman has public freakout, tries holding man's truck to conduct citizen arrest

Here's what happens when you come across a someone in public who has a complete freakout over the way you're parked. The context of the video suggests she is unhappy with the man's parking job, so she blocks him in and wants to call the police. Then they argue a bit and she gets out of her car and holds on to the man's rear view mirror. She says she's conducting a citizen arrest until the cops arrive to deal with his bad parking job. She also insults him but it seems like she went a little too far. People on the Internet have called her the Parking Lot Karen.


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irvpost 1 week ago

Unlawful detention, false imprisonment and depending on the state, kidnapping!

Bob white 1 week ago

She's so hot I'd let her take me home and spank me... then we could take turns.... love it when she raises her voice and gets forceful.... you know she's a dirty girl... I'd tell her all of that and you could watch her blush and her hot and excited....gilf?

Bob white 1 week ago

I want to smash this woman all night and have her make me breakfast while she worships my shaft

Monkey abuser 2 weeks ago

Good show it to ur mom now moneky

letmepicyou 2 weeks ago

I would not be against this woman's execution...

dick giver 2 weeks ago

she needs a big d-ck, thats all what i hear.

Idots Allowed 2 weeks ago

I think technically she may be committing a felony by not allowing him to leave and move freely. That is kidnapping, at least by definition.

MastaBlasta 2 weeks ago

Nice looking c-nt. She reminds me of Baronessa from the movie "Cruella".

edX 2 weeks ago

If it was me, i'd just drive slowly away and film the joke of a woman holding on. I can't be accused of endangering her life as it is her choice to hold on to my mirror. This guy talks too much.

Starrwind 2 weeks ago

That's false imprisonment right there on top of harassment.

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