Man appears to CHASE a woman who was live-streaming at pool

This video shows a man causing quite a scene towards a woman who was live streaming a video at a pool. During the video the man can be seen approaching her and she's not interested. It seems like he comes back for seconds and it's like he's chasing her as she's leaving. She's trying to move a bit faster and it just gets way out of control. This type of behavior should not be happening. UPDATE: some folks say she rejected him, but there's no evidence of that. It's not even mentioned in the video, so someone was probably just trying to hype up the video. It seems like the guy wanted some peace and quiet and couldn't get any because the lady may have been talking to loud or something. Either way, it's freaking weird.


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Here in Texas one of our gals would have shot and killed his A**!!


Here in Texas he would have been shot by one of our gals..

Empty 4 weeks ago

I have no real idea what was going on there. Quick interpretation seems like he wanted his privacy and noticed she was filming the pool area. But rather than simply ask or request she not do that, he acted a bit overboard. Either way, I think there's bound to be something we weren't shown.

Pfteven 4 weeks ago

clearly the ugly chick had to make up some drama to get views. go out to the mall and see ugly chicks in person If that's your thing.

UncleJack 4 weeks ago

Even muted, you can tell this is totally staged for clicks.

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