Don Lemon looks utterly confused when Fetterman talks

CNN's Don Lemon looked very confused, giving a sour face when he spoke with now Senator John Fetterman. Sure, Fetterman had a stroke before, but his logic is completely impaired and backwards during this odd interview. It's really strange that people voted for a guy who can barely seem to get a sentence together, but then again - take a look at who the president is. Joe Biden somehow got votes, so I guess it makes sense that Democrats would vote for Fetterman who will likely just be a puppet of the Democratic Party much like Joe.


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Htos1av 2 weeks ago

Wish I were a millionaire:
I'd pay to see if his DNA is a match to Alister Crowley and Barbara Bush.
Now, there's no way to know for sure forensically, but my spidey senses have NEVER been wrong. JS

huh 4 weeks ago

Fetterman's answer is better than most other politicians

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