Stop talking like that okaaaayyyyy

I knowwwwww you don't talk like that okaaayyyyyyy


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edX 2 weeks ago

The fact of the matter is, you can't blame americans for anything they think, say, or do. They are one of the most, next to the chinese, thoroughly manipulated people in human history. The media gets to the them in their childhood and brainwashes them toward particular directions. From there, the people come up with their own variations, but the direction is elite-imposed. It's been going on with great vigour since the 1970s. Just check it out. LGBT, Prochoice, white Feminism, sexual promiscuity, high divorce rates, etc, is all largely due to media manipulation and doublespeak. See for yourself. Americans do not have a mind of their own. Rather, a mind they do not own.

edx 3 weeks ago

How does one type the way she speaks, by the way.

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