Fake Army Vet caught stealing valor to get a Waffle House discount

This guy is a fake Army veteran who was caught stealing valor in hopes of getting a military discount at a Waffle House. Guess who caught the guy? It was a REAL MARINE who busted the stolen valor in action, calling him out for lying right to his face. The guy who got caught was like "chill bro" and was mad that the real Marine embarrassed the fraudster in front of other people. Even better, the people working at the Waffle House jumped all over it too!


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Mullet_Over 3 weeks ago

All for $1.30.

t 4 weeks ago

Yo yo yo yall believes me right burrrp

Fake Human 4 weeks ago

Sit across from him and harra55 this loser the entire meal. He wants the po po he can call them himself. A real army dude would have beat the jar heads a55 for being disrespectful, not whimper like a little wuss.

Semper Fi Marine for explsing this sorry pos, too bad you can't frag it.

fake vets are easy to spot. 4 weeks ago

They can not tell you the exact unit they served with, the date that they came back to the States, etc.

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