Clay Travis needed only two sentences to jolt Joy Behar

Sports commentator Clay Travis from Outkick only needed two sentences to put Joy Behar in her place. Clay Tweeted the following statement about a video clip from The View. Clay referred to Joy Behar as "The dumbest woman on TV" and then mentioned something else that wasn't nearly as funny, but still got the point across. Follow Clay Travis on Twitter for more great posts!

Clay Travis is a sports personality who also makes commentary on people from the media. He found a blend of sports, politics, and culture that many other people stay out of.

Joy Behar is a co-host on The View and she often finds herself in hot water with Whoopi Goldberg because they sometimes make irrational comments about things that end up receiving a lot of backlash.


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DT 3 weeks ago

So how is this different from any other behar speak. The headline is that you used this as a headline.

Jerry 3 weeks ago

So are they saying people don't get life long injuries in basketball and soccer?

Plato v2.0 3 weeks ago

Don't worry folks, from what I understand the View will undergo a transformation in broadcasting the shows. They plan to improve the hosts performance by broadcasting in High Definition Silence.

Ann 4 weeks ago

She is evil...She approves of Woody Allen's behavior. Ask Mia Farrow about this story.

Ann 4 weeks ago

She is evil and approves of Woody Allen's behavior.... if you know the story about his past. Ask Mia Farrow.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Joy, should follow whoopie out the door.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Behar, the boring Blow Hard.

Tony 4 weeks ago

We no longer care about the woke NFL

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